Mount Meru Flowers has a carefully selected rose's assortment of superior quality medium to large headed roses with stem lengths of 40-60cm. Top varieties from the best breeders (BRILL, De Ruiter, Interplant, Kordes, Olij,Meilland, Nirp, Preesman, Schreurs, Terra Nigra) which include different straight colors and bi-colors, have been chosen to produce an exciting range of roses.

The farm marketing policy is to focus on an attractive color mix suitable for supermarkets and on certain specialities which are growing well at our location. In addition we are offering a small range of fillers for mixed bouquets which can be arranged on our farm.

COLOR MIX: RED-Upper Class, Romeo, Furiosa WHITE-Kibo, Bingo ORANGE-Mariyo, Tropical Amazon, Marie Claire YELLOW-Sonrisa, Radiance, Sphinx, Sphinx Gold, Sunray, Sunny Star PINK-Arusha, Dekora LIGHT PINK-Blushing Akito, Sanoli DARK PINK-Adamma, Wild Thing Fuschiana BICOLOUR-Tucan (red-yellow) Konfetti CREAM-Kiwi, Vanilla Sky. SPECIALITIES-Whisky, Upper Secret, Upper Secret Dark, Belle Rose